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Matrix Tweaker is the powerful and useful utility for tweak hidden options in Microsoft Windows 2000... that's all ;-)
If you want to improve the Matrix Tweaker, please send (to your comments and offers.
If you want to create skin for Matrix Tweaker, see this documentation (
31-Aug-2001 Found & fixed some bugs!
I have found some bugs at version 2.0:
  • When you change skin, color of item "Key for Command Line Completion" does not change.
  • The program writes incorrect line at log-file: "Matrix Tweaker 1.1 started", but version is 2.0.
  • Incorrect three pages in russian help-file: "User Information - Name", "User Information - Organization" and "DLL Cache Quota Size".
  • Chaotic movement between controls with using tab-key.
I apologize for the mistakes. All bugs will be fixed at version 2.1.
4-Aug-2001 Matrix Tweaker 2.0 released!
I again develop the program after a long time (last release at 8-Feb-2001)! In new version (2.0) improved GUI, added new features, fixed some bugs and created help-files (Russian and English). For more information about all improvements see file whatsnew.txt.

Thank you for visit to Matrix Web-site!
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Michael Telnoff (AKA White Tiger).